Picture hangers

STAS carries an extensive collection of picture rail hooks and cords, picture hangers, security picture hangers, partition wall hooks in its product range. Our products allow you to hang your pictures flexibly and securely.


Picture hangers for picture rail


STAS zipperSTAS zipper

One of our best selling picture hangers is the STAS zipper. It’s suited for hanging heavy wall decorations and picture frames.
The zipper can be affixed to a perlon cord or a steel cable. On a perlon cord it can carry weights up to 33 lbs. When combined with a steel cable it can carry loads up to even 44 lbs.


HA30501 STAS zipper – carries loads up to 44 lbs (with steel cable)


STAS smartspring

Another picture hanger which is commonly used with a picture hanging system is the STAS smartspring.The additional perlon cord is virtually invisible. Vary the height of your paintings any time you want by sliding the picture hanger up and down to the required height. Tools or nails are no longer needed to hang your pictures!


HA30900 STAS smartspring – carries loads up to 4 kg


Security picture hangers

To make sure you can enjoy your pictures on a daily basis and keep on enjoying them, STAS carries specially designed security picture hangers within its product range.


STAS security hook

The STAS security hook is equipped with a security spring which delays a possible theft. A steel safety spring makes removal of a picture frame more difficult, thus delaying a theft.


Security picture hangers for STAS j-rail max

With the STAS j-rail max, flexible hanging and protection against theft is possible. With the aid of several accessories this rail can be converted into a theft deterrent system.


STAS j-rail max security rod 4×4 white, available in different lengths: 39.4 inch, 59 inch and 78.75 inch.


Use this rod along with the STAS j-rail max security picture hanger (for loads up to 88 lbs) and the STAS j-rail max security cap (white) to protect your precious paintings!


Partition wall picture hangers

STAS j-rail maxSTAS carries an extensive range of picture hangers for partition walls. STAS provides a fitting solution for every type of wall panel or partition wall. These panel hooks come in various shapes and sizes. On this page you’ll find a selection of the most commonly used picture hangers for partition walls.


If you can’t find the desired partition wall hanger, please contact us. We’ll help you find the right hook!
Special website for professional use of STAS picture hanging systems: www.stasprojects.com

STAS runs projects for diverse organizations and institutions, such as hospitals, schools, offices and governmental institutions.

On this website you will find an overview of the many hanging solutions developed by STAS and helps you decide which hanging system best suits your situation.

STAS Picture hanging systems.

Vary the height of your paintings any time you want by sliding the picture hanger up and down to the required height.